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About Artist

Born in China; trained/educated in Japan and Germany; developing in America.

After Jim Zhang completed his art study in China, he worked as chef interior designer for a Shanghai Design Company. Then he began his oversea journey to Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany for several years, to pursue advanced studies, and to enlarge his vision in art of different fields.

In Europe he became famous portraitist. In US, some of you maybe enjoyed his portrait's work at Mall of Georgia sometimes. Later, he explores and develops his unique style of the Asian graphics painting which win the popularity of kids, as well as grow up. Also, his calligraphy of the Chinese/Japanese attracts the people�s eyes.

Jim Zhang is a profit and multi media artist, he likes to use different medium to express his art in various style. After his long journey of explore and meditate, and the influences from around the world, he is back to his root, and creates his distinct art style by combining the Asian art form with the western expressive instruments. Now, he presents his new artworks by using sumi ink, acrylics and mixed others to paint on wood panel covered with special papers that give the layer of details, and contribute the mood and character of the subject.

Zhang�s art works are adored from all over the world through his travel and living in Japan, Germany, and US and also China. His works are exhibited in many shows in different countries, and collected by corporations/museum and private art lovers, like Dr. Ralph Stanley--American bluegrass musician/artist and well known Sumotori from Japan, and win the prize of awards, as well as the general popularity.


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